Laterra Gems is a high-end crystal and gemstone retail shop that focuses on bringing the earth’s natural energy into your home in order to improve your life. Here you can find beautiful home decor, hand-crafted high-end jewelry, and one of a kind pieces of art from local and international artists all of which are made with the finest crystals and gemstones available. At Laterra Gems, you will also find new technology like our state-of-the-art Aura Bar, an interactive camera scanner and multimedia aura imaging computer system. Our Aura Bar uses aura photography to do detailed aura readings to help you gain a better understanding of how to open your chakras. Visit Laterra Gems for a truly unique experience.

High-End Crystal and Gemstones in Las Vegas

Laterra Gems is the best place in Las Vegas to find high-end crystals, gemstones, and unique pieces of art, jewelry and home decor. All of our crystals gemstones have been carefully selected to ensure that we provide our customers with the highest quality of crystals and gemstones available. Come down to Laterra Gems in Las Vegas to experience the unique shopping experience that we provide.

One of a Kind Products

Finding unique, one of a kind pieces of jewelry, home decor, and art made from the finest crystals and gemstones is easy at Laterra Gems in Las Vegas. We showcase local and international artists who have created eye-catching, captivating pieces of art, hand-crafted high-end jewelry made with beautiful gemstones, and elegant home decor that you will not find anywhere else. Laterra Gems is a one of a kind experience for anyone interested in finding unique, high-end crystals and gemstones.

A Unique Aura Bar Experience

At Laterra Gems, we provide our guests with a unique interactive Aura Bar experience where guests can sit at a state of the art computer and aura imaging camera that helps explain your auras and what you can do to balance your energies and align your chakras, Birthstones and zodiac sign. Here at Laterra Gems, we believe in creating an experience that focuses on bringing the earth’s natural energies into your world to improve your life, body, and mind. Visit us today!