February Birthstone – Amethyst

The Healing Power of Your Birthstone Amethyst

February birthstone: Amethyst is an amazing stone that has the second most abundant mineral in it, which is named as quartz. Quartz is only available in the earth’s crust. It has a wide color range in the family of purple color.

Birthstones have a sound impact on the character and vision of a person. The Amethyst stone is very sensitive to heat, and in high heat, it changes color. However, many people heat this stone to change in into a rare mineral known as citrine. In addition to this, people born in February must know this fact that the shade of this stone eventually fades over time.

February Birthstone – Amethyst

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February Birthstone – Amethyst

Amethyst Origins of the Birthstone

Russia was a significant source of amethyst until the nineteenth century, when huge stores were found in Brazil. Once as uncommon as ruby or emerald, amethyst was unexpectedly in plenitude. Today, the main source of amethyst are in Africa and South America. Brazil is as yet a significant provider, particularly its southernmost state has the unpleasant amethyst mined. Those stones have a lighter tone than amethyst found in different nations. Amethyst from Brazil once in a while were so huge that you could remain in them.

The Anahí mine is another conspicuous hotspot for amethyst. It is covered up in the Pantanal wetlands. It was discovered by a Spanish conquistador during the 1600s, given to him as share when he wedded Anahí (a princess). The Anahí mine is additionally well known in diamond hovers as the wellspring of the surprising bicolored amethyst-citrine gems called ametrine. Huge amethyst and ametrine gems line the dividers of Bolivia’s memorable Anahí mine, exhibiting the February birthstone.

In Africa, Zambia’s Kariba mine is one of the biggest amethyst makers on the planet. Amethyst mined there will, in general, be of sublime quality with lavishly soaked tones. Amethyst is additionally found in Arizona, United States. The Four Peaks amethyst mine is found high in the toughest piece of the Mazatzal Mountains. A distant area, sweltering summer temperatures, and an absence of water and force at the dig make for testing conditions. However, this spiked, parched, rattler invaded territory delivers some fine dim purple and purplish red amethyst gems.

What’s February Birthstone?

February birthstone is Amethyst. Amethyst is a seven on the Mohs size of hardness. This implies that it is great for day by day use in rings and other jewelry items, yet over the long run, it might show wear and require re-polishing. Since this February birthstone is more helpless to harm than harder pearls, for example, rubies, sapphires and jewels, you hazard scratching your amethyst gems if you place it close to these harder stones. Warmth treatment is the most well-known procedure for improving the shading and attractiveness of characteristic amethyst. Warmth treatment can’t make pale amethyst more obscure; however, it can help the shade of extremely dim amethyst and make it more alluring. It can likewise eliminate undesirable earthy considerations in certain amethysts. Some amethyst turns yellow – to citrine – with heat treatment. However, submitting it to serious warmth may deliver it somewhat more weak than expected, and care should be taken not to harm pointed faceted corners and sharp edges. Note that unnecessary warmth can eliminate the shading, and some amethyst blurs with the delayed presentation to a solid light.

As you look for the February birthstone, you’ll likewise experience lab-made amethyst that is having a similar compound and actual properties as its common partner and engineered amethyst has been known since the 1970s. Sometimes, it is exceptionally difficult to recognize normal from manufactured amethyst without admittance to cutting edge gemological testing.

February Birthstone – Amethyst
February Birthstone – Amethyst

What’s the Meaning of Amethyst?

The name amethyst is derived from the Greek amethystos, which signifies a cure against drunkenness. In view of its wine-like tone, early Greek folklore connected the jewel with the lord of wine. Amethyst was additionally accepted to keep the wearer lucid and intelligent in fight and business issues. Renaissance Europeans thought it quieted sweethearts overwhelm by enthusiasm. Amethyst is the pearl generally given for the 6th wedding commemoration. Wear it in the festival of your wedding pre-marriage ceremony or as your February birthstone, and you’ll be in illustrious organization.

The royals have admired the profound purple shade of the February birthstone. Amethyst legend additionally incorporates a few cases to mysterious forces, including that it would pass on strength and mind to the individuals who wore it. The Duchess of Windsor’s tucker style neckband flaunts stage cut amethysts, one oval faceted amethyst, and a huge heart-moulded amethyst in the front, just as turquoise cabochons and splendid cut precious stones, all suspended from a rope-like gold chain. If you praise a February birthday, wearing amethyst can be an image of individual strengthening and internal strength.

What Is Your Birthstone Personality?

Amethyst is a birthstone related with more elevated levels of spirituality, conceptual reasoning, prevalent security, and positive change. If Amethyst is your birthstone you are multi-gifted, brave, and enjoyed for your trustworthiness. Wearing an amethyst is said to bring balance, astuteness, tranquility, and restriction to the wearer. The alluring purple shades of this gem will unquestionably reverberate with plenty of people. They will bring a decent feeling of harmony and amicability, and this another illustration of birthstone reasonable for everybody.

Amethyst has been utilized all through the ages as a calming stone, and it is supposed to be quite possibly the most remarkable of the healing stones emitting normally sedating energy. The stone is additionally thought to advance love and peacefulness as it is a characteristic sedative that can help in hindering geopathic stress and negative ecological energies. Amethyst is believed to be amazingly valuable to the brain – quieting or animating as proper. It is said to help you feel less scattered, more engaged and in charge of your resources. Many accept that Amethyst encourages the dynamic cycle, bringing good judgment and spiritual knowledge.

We can conclude the topic by saying that Amethyst is an amazingly beautiful stone. It provides courage and tranquility to the wearer so we can say that people born in February are lucky enough to have it as their birthstone.

February Birthstone – Amethyst

Stone Has Properties; Which Include:

  • Energy: Receptive
  • Element: Water
  • Planet: Jupiter/Neptune 
  • Deities: Bacchus, Dionysus, Diana
  • Powers: Dreams, Psychism, Peace,Love, Courage, Happiness
  • Candle Color: Purple/Dark Blue
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