Zodiac Signs

Since ancient times, the Zodiac signs have been linked with the stars, the planets, and even the very stones that we’ve found right here on Earth. Ancient astrologists believed that by carrying gemstones, birthstones, and crystals associated with the Zodiac signs, individuals could amplify the energies around them in order to bring fortune associated with each stone. In keeping with these traditions we’ve dedicated much time and energy to being a resource where you can connect with the gemstones that you feel the closest connection with according to your astral sign.

You can find the gemstones that are associated with your Sun sign below.

Capricorn Zodiac Stone
Aquarius Zodiac Stone
Pisces Zodiac Stone
Aries Zodiac Stone
Taurus Zodiac Stone
Gemini Zodiac Stone
Cancer Zodiac Stone
Leo Zodiac Stone
Virgo Zodiac Stone
Libra Zodiac Stone
Scorpio Zodiac Stone
Sagittarius Zodiac Stone