Laterra is a one of a kind experience in Las Vegas that offers a unique selection of high-end crystals, gemstones, hand-crafted jewelry, home, decor, and more. When you visit Laterra Gems in Las Vegas, you will be able to experience our Aura Bar where you will be able to learn more about your chakras and which gemstones are the perfect match for your energy and the goals that you aim to achieve. An Aura Bar is a state of the art imaging system that can only be found at Laterra Gems. Our Aura Bar is perfect for both those who are new and experienced in understanding how chakras play a crucial role in our lives. Come and experience it for yourself today. 

What Is an Aura / Chakra Bar?

An Aura | Chakra Bar is a state of the art computer imaging system that reads your Auras – the natural energies that flow through your body. This state of the art, interactive computer allows you to view and understand your Auras. Along with your energy reading, you will be able to input your goals, your desires, and you will receive a breakdown of which chakras you should focus on in order to achieve those goals. This can help you select the right crystals and gemstones that embody those desired characteristics. This is a fun and interactive way to learn about Auras, Chakras, and Gemstones.

How it Works!

An interactive aura bar that reads your energies isn’t magic, it’s science! This state of the art technology combines 3D Aura imaging with real-time analysis to deliver the results of your aura bar instantly!

3D Aura Camera Imaging – At the Aura Bar, a 3D aura imaging camera uses proprietary technology to scan your hand and provide an interpretation of your aura and chakras depictions.

Real-Time Readings – After placing your hand on the aura sensor, our Aura Bar uses an algorithm to provide you with a detailed reading of your aura. The aura image will be displayed on a screen and change in real-time!

Analyze Your Sessions – Once you have finished the Aura reading session, you will be able to view a detailed report that will outline which chakras you need to work on balancing and which gemstones you can use to help you do it!

Aura Color Reading Made Easy

Your Auras are color-coded in order to make reading and understanding your Auras easy. Each color correlates to a different color, each of which defines your emotional-energetic map. Being able to read this map can help shed light on even the most subtle differences in your Aura. By being easily able to read your Aura, you will be able to take action in appropriate ways to balance your energies whether it be by being more mindful of that aspect of your emotional spectrum or which meditations you should practice further. Whatever your goals are, Aura color mapping makes it easy for you to understand.

Need help understanding your Aura colors? Our team will be available in-store to help answer any questions that you may have!

Aura Photography

At Laterra Gems, our Aura Bar uses technology that delivers dynamic visualization and data-tracking of your Aura readings. Our Aura Bar uses this to create advanced aura photography that analyzes your reading for you. Aura photography is a state of the art interactive energy reading that allows you to see a color-coded interpretation of your auras change in real-time. This is designed to help you understand your energies better so that you can work on balancing your auras through the practice of meditation. Understanding your auras is simple and our color coding system makes it easy to understand changes that occur with your aura in real time.

Begin Your Healing Journey With an Interactive Aura Bar

We are all on a healing journey. Understanding your auras can help you gain a clear focus on where in your body you should focus on channeling your energy to advance on your journey. Our state of the art Aura Bar is just the beginning of your healing journey. By using our interactive technology and gaining an understanding of what you auras mean, what actionable steps that you can take to improve and balance your energies, and what gemstones align with your auras, you can advance on your healing path with a clear sense of direction.

Try Our Aura Bar Today

We could describe our Aura Bar all day long, but you must experience it for yourself if you truly wish to understand your auras and how you can begin your healing journey. Our Aura Bar is located at our store inside the Grand Canal Shops in Las Vegas. Drop by for your aura reading today and browse our selection of high-end crystals and gemstones.