Forever Magic: The Evil Eye

the evil eye symbol

In the ancient mythology of the Mediterranean, The Evil Eye was a curse that was capable of rendering a man impotent, a woman fruitless and a harvest barren. It could also wither animals and crops, cause madness, or even death. Thousands of years have passed since these ancient beliefs have been ingrained into our culture yet it still remains a part of modern society.

Today, people use jewelry that uses the Evil Eye symbol to protect themselves and their families from bad things happening to them. In this post, we’ll go over the popular concept of the Evil Eye and its uses!

What Exactly Is the Evil Eye?

The Evil Eye is a look that’s believed to have the capability of causing injury or bad luck for the person who receives it. The curse is received when someone stares at you with the intention of bringing you ill will, jealousy, or harm. It’s even said that one glance can cause your downfall!

Why do people believe in this?

Our observation skills are highly developed because being aware of our surroundings helps us stay safe. When another individual looks at us, we intuitively know if they are admiring something about us or if they’re plotting something evil. We might not be able to put into words or coherent thoughts but we feel it instinctively. Sometimes that gut feeling can be right on point!

What Are Some Modern-Day Examples in Society?

In modern times, the Evil Eye is used as a symbol of protection to ward off negative energy. When someone wears jewelry with this embedded on it, it’s thought that they will be protected from misfortune and bad luck. It’s even believed that it has the ability to reflect the evil intentions back upon its source!

The most common piece of jewelry that uses this concept is a hand-made bracelet called a “Mala” or “Malanka”. Malas are usually made with blue beads and can have an additional knot between each bead to represent the different levels of protection. There is also another belief where malas were believed to make you invisible in front of your enemies by absorbing all their harmful thoughts! This would definitely come in useful on the battlefield!

What is the Evil Eye symbol?

The Evil Eye symbol comes from our ancient ancestors and while we may not believe in the negative energy aspect of it, we do recognize protection when we see it. We can still wear these bracelets to show our ancestral ties. In addition, they’re a unique piece of jewelry that protects us from negative energy and bad situations! People who believe in the power of the Evil Eye have begun using both white and blue beads in their Malas which represent a balance between good and evil.

Where Can I Buy Evil Eye Jewelry?

Laterra Gems offers a few options to help you ward off that misfortune and bad luck.

Our first option is the Evil Eye Multi-Stone Necklace. This necklace is inlaid with different colors in an elegant necklace offering your protection all day!

Another option is the Blue Evil Eye Gold Bracelet which offers the same protection as the necklace! All the evil eyes in this bracelet are set with a blue background with a bracelet plated in 18K gold!

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