All About Amethyst: February Birthstone

All About Amethyst February Birthstone

Anyone who loves purple and gemstones will fall in love with the Amethyst. Anyone who is into fashion can agree that Amethyst looks great with both warm and cool tones making it the perfect accessory for everyday wear. Amethyst is currently the most popular variety of quartz and is considered the most powerful and protective stone. From the ice-covered corners of Siberia to the brisk rainforests of Brazil the amethyst can be found all over the world.

The stone is truly the essence of the color purple.

Bring Good Vibes to Your Home

No one wants to feel stressed to the max when you’re home. Put amethyst into your home and feel a natural boost in your safe space. Place amethyst in your bedroom and feel the stress drop off you. Place amethyst in your living room and allow your family and friends to feel relaxed in your home. Let your home be a safe place for the people in your life.

Struggle with Mental Health?

Over the years mental health has become more prominent in our everyday lives. It’s more socially accepted and more openly spoken about. If you are struggling with anxiety and want a holistic approach then amethyst is perfect for you. The stone throughout history was thought to calm negative thoughts and bring forth the highest aspirations of humankind. We all know that many of us have tendencies of being indecisive and worry if we made the right decisions in life. It is said that amethyst can help balance emotions and assist in decision-making. Whether you have a major project coming up, are struggling with everyday life, or just need a little extra TLC, treat yourself to a piece of amethyst jewelry and be confident that you will get through it.

Not feeling quite yourself?

No one likes feeling off or feeling under the weather, fear not because amethyst can help. Wear amethyst and enjoy the benefits. Amethyst supports better night’s sleep and sometimes that’s all someone really needs to feel better. The stone also can give you an immune boost. With everything going on in the world right now, who doesn’t want an easy and convenient way to boost their immune system while also feeling cute and confident.

Want to reach new goals in life?

Everyone whether they want to admit it or not wants to better themselves, their lives, their careers, you name it. We are all a work in progress. Historically speaking, amethyst was believed to bring riches and powers to its owners. Not saying that if you purchase amethyst you’re going to turn into a millionaire overnight but it’s always nice to have a good luck charm in your endeavors. Amethyst is also the perfect gift for anyone wanting new beginnings and making big changes in their life.

How did Amethyst get its color?

Most of us had a Greek Mythology lesson in school. Whether we remember those particular lessons or not is not important. According to Greek Mythology, the Greek god of wine Dionysus was frustrated with a mortal girl named Amethystos. She ignored the advances of Dionysus and prayed to the Goddess Diana to keep her chaste. In an effort to protect, Diana transformed Amethystos into white crystal quartz. In frustration and drunken rage, Dionysus poured his wine over the crystals dyeing them a deep purple color. As far as science goes, iron and heat are responsible for amethysts’ color.

Purple a Symbol of Royalty

The amethyst has a magical past full of myths and legends, being a prized gem for centuries. If you want to feel royal the amethyst has you covered. Feel like the most important person in the world while wearing amethyst. The stone has been included in royal collections all over the world with Kings, Queens, and religious dignitaries wearing the semi-precious stone for centuries. The stone is also linked to love and romance, often given to many royals over the years. Let La Terra Gems help you to feel like the Queen of your life with any of our beautiful jewelry pieces.