Many people have never heard of the stone Shungite as it’s not an extremely popular gemstone. Originally discovered in Russia it has been used for many centuries for holistic medicine. Shungite is one of the more complex gemstones in existence.

Shungite is a shiny black gemstone that has gained recognition for its robust anchoring characteristics and is still utilized today for vital healing both mental and physical.

The stone may provide people with a more in-depth understanding of your role in life and where you need to go in the future. Read on to learn more about Shungite and why it may be the perfect stone for you!

Shungite Stone Meaning and General Information
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What is a Shungite Stone?

Shungite is a rare black stone made up of 99% carbon. It is mainly found in Russia. It consists of almost every mineral on the periodic table. Shungite’s elements are fire and wind. Its color is black. The color black historically is a color that added an element of mystery to anything it colors.

Shungite can sometimes have a bad reputation for fostering a harmful or violent attitude. These qualities are often mistaken for a person who is actually feeling more positively forceful and self-assured. The gemstone can provide you with the self-esteem and confidence to get to your end goals.

It’s possible that a person is stuck in a toxic situation or that individuals are pulling someone down, and the people around them can’t figure out why. Shungite might be the gemstone to help the person get rid of the negativity of others.

If you want a Shungite for yourself the easiest way to get one will be to go to a gem shop or to research online for carriers.

Stone Meaning and General Information

Named after the location where it was formed in Russia. Shungite is a black gemstone composed primarily of carbon. Its high carbon concentration is responsible for its characteristic dark black color. The same ingredient is used to create graphite and diamonds. It is, however, glossy, as opposed to graphite.

In medieval alchemy, black is usually a good symbol of immunity. It is supposed to surround the wearer of the charm in a shadow, preventing bad luck from finding them. Shungite’s black color makes it a suitable gemstone for activities involving moving away from horrible luck. Shungite can be made into basically anything from jewelry, though Shungite jewelry should be worn with caution, to body lotion. It’s important to note that while some versions of the stone can be consumed with water, not all forms of it can.

Shungite historically has been nicknamed the “Miracle Stone” or “Stone of Life” as it is believed to act as a catalyst for growth, transformation, and positive change. If a person asks a gemstone expert the expert will likely advise to include Shungite into your daily routine until you are comfortable with it as it can be a bit intense at first. If a person is a collector of gemstones especially rare gemstones Shungite will be the perfect stone for them and it will fit in perfectly with the rest of their collection. It is also a great gift!

Benefits of Shungite Crystal

Benefits of Shungite Crystal

Shungite can improve the body’s absolute immunity, significantly increasing vigor. You can use it to eliminate poisons such as toxic substances, drugs, chlorine, fluoride, and other inorganic particles from the body. As a result, Shungite increases general energy, restores the body, relieves anxiety, and cleans our interior and exterior systems.

Shungite is believed to assist in synchronizing you with your environment in such a way that you are never a people pleaser. Due to the stone’s carbon content, it can purify water. The water it filters contains natural antioxidants that neutralize free radicals, which makes it beneficial to your cells and tissues, along with your immune function.

Shungite is particularly beneficial for a person’s first, second, and third chakras. It is also said to boost a person’s mental capacity in a broad sense. They will no longer be affected by the negativity of others when adding the stone into their daily life.

The stone can aid in the transformation of unpleasant or trapped emotional images and make up a dark persona. These are the aspects of yourself that you’ve hidden as they’re uncomfortable or unacceptably you. The anguish evolves into insight and kindness as you work on emotional recovery. Shungite is a balancing gemstone that aids in the purification and transmutation of trapped power, helping you handle life perceptions and emotions with insight and perspective.

The stone is able to redirect another’s negative thoughts toward you away from you, protecting you from the negative energy and allowing you to feel optimistic. Believed to significantly improve a person’s general enjoyment of life and can improve your connections to others in the future.

Shungite Spiritual Properties

Shungite may be used as a cleansing gemstone to remove any pollutants from the atmosphere and spirits. It’s ideal for cleaning routines and energy balancing. You may use it to defend against psychic threats, like black magic and witchcraft activity. Its intense magnetic resistance renders it an effective conductor for increasing the orientation of energy transfer.

Using Shungite has multiple effects on the body, including the activation of all 7 chakras. It’s used to detoxify the body and rid the mind of negativity while working as an aura cleanser. Shungite is a must-have for people with difficult and uncontrollable emotions. It allows for light to fill the body and negativity to be removed.

To utilize Shungite for protection, combine it with a red stone such as Ruby or Garnet. All of these gemstones contain a blazing spirit that will boost Shungite’s strength even more. This combo is perfect for ensuring that no threat comes near you. And for providing you the ability to cope with even the most demanding circumstances.

Shungite Spiritual Properties

It is a fact that this stone has spiritual properties; which include:

  • Purifying
  • Grounding
  • Protection
  • Strength
  • Mental Grounding
Shungite Stone Healing Properties

Shungite Stone Healing Properties

Shungite has long been utilized to promote a healthier lifestyle and well-being. In history, numerous people were believed to sip Shungite-infused water to boost their wellness. People still utilize it in tonics and charms in the modern-day. Activated charcoal for instance. It is now used widely in fitness and cosmetic goods.

Shungite, which has a very similar arrangement of atoms to charcoal, primary carbon, can provide related cognitive advantages as charcoal does on a conscious level. It is believed to remove and sanitize contaminants in your everyday environment. It is often used for the level of purification it is believed to release into the environment. Allowing a healing effect to benefit anyone around it.

Numerous individuals believe that Shungite can reduce anxiety and worry by absorbing bad energy. Alternatively, try a perceptual approach using Shungite. Feeling and carrying items might assist you in overcoming anxiety. Holding or touching a Shungite gemstone might be one of them.

Identifying Characteristics of Amber Shungite

Shungite is a rather soft gemstone. It’s a 3 on Moh’s hardness scale. With Shungite being comprised of most of the minerals on the periodic table it possesses the color black. Shungite comes in many different forms from cylinder rocks to miniature pyramids.

If you believe you have a piece of Shungite you can go to an expert jeweler and they will be able to confirm that it is genuine Shungite or not. Remember Shungite though it is common it is one of the more rare of the most common gemstones, meaning you will not be able to find this particular gemstone just anywhere.

Metaphysical Properties of Shungite

Metaphysical Properties of Shungite
The following are the metaphysical properties of Shungite stone:

  • Stone name: Shungite
  • Correct pronunciation: Shung-ite
  • Meaning: Anchor
  • Astrological sign: Libra and Taurus
  • Common colors: black or silver
  • Location: Russia
  • Hardness: 3.5-4
  • Chemical composition: 98% Carbon, It is comprised of almost every mineral on the periodic table
  • Common uses: Historically, folk medicine since the 8th century

Using Shungite is best done when wearing it. Regularly wearing Shungite is the most effective method to utilize it. The critical thing to remember with Shungite is to keep it close to you at all times. Shungite accessories possess the ability to clean the atmosphere by eliminating bad vibes. However, it will not operate until it is close to the negativity to remove it.

Being around Shungite in the morning is widely believed to help you stay rooted and focused during the day. Conditioning is essential, especially during challenging situations, since it makes you stay peaceful and more focused, reducing stress, promoting great vibes, and supporting total body, mental, and emotional growth. Shungite is also helpful because of its ability to handle negative vibes. It’s anything anyone can take advantage of. It will help you boost your connections

Shungite does not wear off after it diffuses or absorbs enough of the negativity it encounters. You may notice yourself growing fortunate and more effective in almost every type of situation where you devote psychological attention.

The stone can be put in any place where a person feels there are negative energies. Shungite has the ability to cleanse the negative area. It can also help the energy within your home producing a more comfortable environment for you and your family.