Many people have Hematite and they would never know it. The stone is not a super well-known stone like an Emerald or a Smoky Quartz but Hematite is a very powerful stone. Hematite has a long history of helping and healing people from the time 5000BC to now. Obviously back in BC times, they used all the assistance they could get without any kind of “modern” medicine and whatnot but that doesn’t make Hematite any less helpful today.

Raw Hematite can be a bright red or a dark red. However, when turned into jewelry it looks more black and metallic and can resemble actual metal. Many people wear it to instill confidence and stay grounded. It can also be used as a protection stone. Read on to learn everything there is to know about the stone Hematite!

Amber stone meaning and general information
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What is an Hematite stone

What is an Hematite stone?

Hematite is a popular men’s jewelry stone, generally used in bracelets. Often when Hematite is made into jewelry it is very shiny or metallic looking. Hematite jewelry is more popular due to its color and especially its durability. It is an extremely strong and very durable gemstone. The structure of the stone is heavy and dense. The crystal itself is made of iron oxide, iron levels being 70% giving it its bloodred color and metallic appearance. 

Anyone who knows about Hematite probably knows it for the energy protection it can provide to them. The saying “positive vibes” may be just that, a saying, but many people say they are more positive while around or wearing Hematite.

Hematite can be found in multiple places all over the world. However, it’s most commonly found in South Africa and in Brazil. It can be found in the mountains of Switzerland and on the shores of Lake Superior in Canada.  If you are by an iron mining location you may see a raw version of Hematite in the surrounding area.

Amber stone meaning and general information

Hematite’s name, Hema derived from Greek meaning “blood” got its name because of one of its color variations being bloodred, sometimes a dark red, usually even black-looking. Hematite has also been referred to as the “bloodstone”. 

As far as a gemstones goes, It has quite a long history when it comes to protection. Numerous historical stories say the stone was present in rooms, sometimes even worn when a baby was being born hundreds of years ago to keep the mother from losing too much blood in the delivery process. It was also used on the battlefields in England during wartime to protect soldiers from the harm that was coming to them. The warriors believed it would bring them back to their loved ones safely and without incident.  

Hematite has been used in magic for over 3000 years now. In ancient Babylon, it was carried by worriers for strength to overcome enemies and was believed to help cause stone walls to fall. In the middle ages, Hematite was believed to act as a talisman and was worn by farmers in the belief that the stone strengthened their crops. 

Still to this day, Hematite is worn to help keep the blood healthy and to help cure blood-related diseases. Hematite was also once used for writing, it is one of the earliest in human history. The red powder from Hematite would be used to write on graves of people who had passed on like headstones or plaques would be used today. 

The stone is one of the Aquarius’ birthstones from January 20th to February 18th. As well as the Aries birthstone from March 20th to April 21st.

Benefits of Hematite

Benefits of Hematite

Hematite is a natural stone that is often used to balance and support the healing of your body. Some people may use it in their homes for feng shui purposes. Hematite has been said to make people’s homes a place of peaceful serenity. It also acts as a beautiful home decoration. 

Hematite is connected to the root chakra, so it’s believed to be grounding and stabilizing. If you have a lot going on in your life, you may feel like you’re spinning out of control and like the world is crumbling around you. For many this is the worst feeling in the world and often brings bouts of anxiety with it which can make the feeling so much worse. No one likes the feeling of being out of control. However, Hematite MAY help you to feel more grounded and in control of your feelings and life.

The stone utilizes the magnetic qualities of the yin-yang energies to balance the meridians within the body and to provide a stable equilibrium between the ethereal nervous system and the physical nervous system. It focuses on energy and emotions for a balance between the body, mind, and spirit, offering a sense of serenity and the feeling of being very calm.

Hematite spiritual properties

Hematite is said to dissolve your own negativity while protecting you from the negative energy others have tendencies to release. It may help with self-esteem difficulties and has been known to increase willpower and dependability instilling confidence in whoever wears it. 

If you ever have a big project due, a job interview, or a big life change a piece of Hematite may help you to feel less nervous and give you the confidence that everything is going to be okay. It is believed to help you take the feeling step by step dissipating it.

Hematite can also assist in staying focused meaning if you have a mind that just can’t seem to be still and you think about a million and one things all the time Hematite may help you with grounding yourself more. It is the stone that can help you to break habits such as being a people pleaser or living a timid lifestyle. It’s a stone that can assist you in reclaiming your life and being able to feel happy.

The stone can also help with memory. It helps with memory by assisting you when you want to relax and think clearly. It brings the most serenity to your life of all healing stones.

Hematite spiritual properties

It is a fact that this stone has spiritual properties; which include:

  • Concentration
  • Focus
  • Enhancing memory
  • Original thought
Hematite healing properties

Hematite healing properties

Hematite dissolves negativity and prevents you from absorbing the negative energies of others.  Some users of Hematite have said it can aid in the treatment of overeating, smoking, and other kinds of overindulgences as well as compulsions and addictions.

Hematite restores, strengthens, and regulates the blood supply, aiding blood conditions such as anemia, high blood pressure, or even blood clots. It is believed to support the kidneys and regenerate tissue. 

Hematite can stimulate the absorption of iron and the formation of red blood cells. It can help treat leg cramps, anxiety, and insomnia. Some women even use it to slow heavy menstrual periods. Because of its long history and high iron content, hematite is one of the best stones for promoting good circulation in the body. It has been linked to blood for thousands of years and continues to be linked to it.

Identifying characteristics of Hematite

Hematite has an extremely variable appearance. Its luster can range from earthy to submetallic to metallic. Its color ranges include red to brown, and black to gray to silver. It occurs in many forms that include micaceous, massive, crystalline, botryoidal, fibrous, oolitic, among others. Hematite is around 5.5-6.5 on the Moh’s hardness scale.

It is dense and hard and is the most important ore of iron because of the level of iron it sustains. To improve Hematite’s appearance, especially for jewelry it is tumbled creating a more mirror bright luster and polished then after creating a pretty beautiful appearance of the stone. However, when tumbled it is one of maybe 35-55 stones that are tumbled due to its weight. 

Hematite is very heavy when compared to any other stone of the same size. Hematite is not usually magnetic as we would understand it today. It has magnetic properties but will not gravitate toward a common magnet. Though it may give you the same benefits physically as a magnet would.

Metaphysical Properties of Hematite

Metaphysical Properties of Hematite
Following are the metaphysical properties of Hematite stone:

  • Stone name: Hematite
  • Hee-muh-tite
  • Meaning of the stone: Protection, grounding, power, and strength
  • Astrological sign: Aquarius and Aries
  • Common Colors: Bright red, Dark red, Gray, Black
  • Location: South Africa, Lake Superior, Canada, the States, Brazil
  • Hardness: 5.5-6.5
  • Chemical Composition: Fe2O3
  • Common uses are the main iron ore in the world, x-ray- therefore used for radiation protection around medical and scientific equipment.

Hematite stimulates concentration and focus, enhancing memory and original thought. If you work as a writer this is the perfect stone for you!  Hematite grounds while it protects. It can strengthen our connection with the earth, allowing a safe and secure feeling. Hematite also utilizes its magnetic qualities to balance the body and to provide a stable equilibrium. Some say they have better general balance when wearing a piece of Hematite.

It can counteract spaciness and confusion while balancing and strengthening the auric field. Hematite can pull stray energies to the root chakra and disperse them into the earth. With Hematite, you will be able to easier identify and realize practical solutions to everyday problems. It can assist in manifesting dreams into reality meaning it can literally assist in making your dreams come true.

Hematite may aid in detoxification and can help with emotional pain. The best is the stone can help to de-stress by helping with mental organization. It endows us with courage, strength, endurance, and vitality.