Calcite is a stone that is familiar to many people. It is one of the more common stones and has various uses. Its most notable feature is likely its stunning appearance. Calcite can be found in numerous colors, though its purest form is actually devoid of color.

Although the stone is not renowned for the type of jewelry fashioned from it, its history is closely intertwined with jewelry. The stone’s most notable attribute is the positive energy it emits and its usefulness during meditation. The diverse color impurities found in calcite symbolize distinct elements of our world, such as water, fire, and wood.

Continue reading to discover everything about Calcite and determine if it is a suitable gem for you!

Calcite Stone Meaning and General Information
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What is an Calcite stone

What is a Calcite Stone?

Many people are familiar with calcite, a stone that is widely available and has multiple uses. Its most striking characteristic is its appealing appearance, which comes in various colors. However, in its purest form, calcite is colorless due to impurities.

Although the stone is not renowned for the type of jewelry crafted from it, jewelry remains a significant aspect of its past. The stone’s primary claim to fame is its ability to emit positive energy and aid in meditation. The diverse color impurities found in calcite each symbolize distinct elements of our environment, ranging from water to fire to wood.

Read on to learn everything about Calcite and see if it’s the right stone for you!

Calcite Stone Meaning and General Information

The origin meaning of Calcite stone can be traced back to ancient Greece, despite its name having German roots. The name “Calcite” was derived from the Latin word for lime in the 19th century, not because of its color, but due to its composition of crystallized limestone. The stone’s name signifies both strength of spirit and energy. It may appear transparent or opaque and sometimes exhibit fluorescence.

Despite its complexity, Calcite is a widely found crystal that displays a stunning variety of hues, ranging from transparent to vivid orange. Regardless of color, each type of Calcite emits its own unique energy, all with the shared goal of promoting creativity, purging negativity, and supporting emotional well-being in order to help you live your most authentic life. As such, it is widely regarded as one of the most effective stones for starting anew.

Calcite also happens to be the main ingredient in the shells of sea creatures, crystallized limestone gives the Calcite gemstone an incredible array of varieties. The stone itself and its powers of absorption have turned it into a powerful sponge that has the ability to soak up toxic emotions and negativity.

Calcite is great for feng shui. The stone is able to assist you in being mindful in your home. It can increase your creativity and your confidence especially if your astrological sign is cancer. It is one of the most brittle of all the gemstones due to its softness. On Moh’s hardness scale, it only ranks a 3. Calcite will also disintegrate in any kind of diluted acid.

Benefits of Amber Calcite

Benefits of Amber Calcite

Calcite is believed to cleanse and improve the functions of the kidneys, pancreas, and spleen. It is also believed to dissolve the calcification of the bones. It may help balance the assimilation of calcium within the body, strengthening the skeleton and joints. It is said to alleviate intestinal and skin conditions and stimulate blood clotting and tissue healing.

The stone itself is an openness, cleansing, and purity stone. Sometimes it’s hard to be open to others whether it’s in your personal or professional life. By wearing Calcite you may feel more willing to open yourself up to the people in your life.

The benefits of green and orange Calcite together are endless. Together they create some of the most positive energy experiences ever. The stone is also said to be an excellent muse for anyone who is creative. Especially when it comes to creative blockages, calcite can be used to work out any and all emotional blockages allowing you to once again fully express your creativity.

Calcite Spiritual Properties

Calcite is known for amplifying energy, it is said to gently and subtly give its users a surge of energy. For those times in life when you feel like you need a full fresh start, Calcite is there to help. The stone can flush out old unhealthy habits so that you can create fresh healthier new ones.

Wearing the Calcite crystal in the form of jewelry is a powerful way to align your chakras with its healing properties. The stone is believed to have the ability to amplify and cleanse energy, as well as clear and balance all the chakras. It is also said to absorb and transform negative energy. Calcite is a crystal that calms the mind and enhances mental clarity, and it can connect emotions with the intellect.

By carrying the stone in your pocket you can carry a little sunshine in your pocket as well. Calcite stones may seem like the most sedentary objects on the planet, but in the spiritual realm, they contain energetic fields that are constantly radiating with pure and vibrant energy.

Calcite works with a variety of other stones the most common and easiest to work with is Quartz. When putting the stones together they can alleviate any stress that has been pent up inside the body allowing you to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. 

The stone has a knack for alleviating emotional stress and replacing the feeling with serenity. It’s a great way to feel lighter and clear your mind of negativity.

Calcite spiritual properties

It is a fact that this stone has spiritual properties; which include:

  • Deepened Intellect
  • Memory
  • Wisdom
  • Psychic Abilities
  • Spirituality
  • Channeling
  • Higher consciousness
Calcite Stone Healing Properties

Calcite Stone Healing Properties

Calcite increases and amplifies energy. This makes it an excellent stone for distance healing, as well as other types of healing.

The stone is believed to strengthen your bones making your body stronger in general. It’s a great stone to work out with as a necklace or bracelet allowing extra stamina during your workout.  Hold a stone in each hand and give your soul a dose of Vitamin D, the life-sustaining nutrient that radiates with the same energy the sun would give you.

In this chaotic world, you can never have too many good luck charms, which makes the Green Calcite stone a must-have stone for inviting good fortune and prosperity into your life. Green is the color of money, but the cool and calming shade also symbolizes the natural world, and when you meditate with the frequencies of the Green Calcite meaning, it reconnects you to the planet as a source of life energy.

Identifying Characteristics of Calcite Crystal

Identifying Calcite is relatively easy compared to other gemstones. Calcite is a soft gemstone that will not scratch glass. Calcite in the grand scheme of things has a durability issue. It’s not super durable and when not protected has a slight tendency to break due to being a bit brittle.

Calcite usually can’t be identified by its color because it is colorless and if it does have color it’s due to other materials that surrounded the stone during formation. Often the stone will have the appearance of multiple layers within it.

If you believe you have a piece of Calcite you can always take it to an expert jeweler and they can confirm for you that it is in fact genuine Calcite.

Metaphysical Properties of Calcite

Metaphysical Properties of Calcite
The following are the metaphysical properties of Calcite stone:

  • Stone name: Calcite
  • Correct pronunciation: Kal-site
  • Meaning: Strength of spirit and energy
  • Astrological sign: Cancer, Leo, Aquarius
  • Common colors: Colorless or white when pure
  • Location: Iceland, Namibia, Brazil, Germany, Romania, England, Canada, China, Pakistan, Mexico, Russia, US; New Jersey, Elmwood Mine, Tennessee, Kansas, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Nevada, Missouri, Colorado, and Massachusetts.
  • Hardness: 3
  • Chemical composition: CaCO₃
  • Common uses are construction material, abrasive, agricultural soil treatment, construction aggregate, pigment, pharmaceutical

With many colors of Calcite in existence, each color helps with different areas of your life. With its bright orange shades and sacral chakra connection, Orange Calcite is a bright burst of joy. This color of Calcite is here to amplify energy and radiate positivity, this stone brims with bright and fresh energy. Then there is Blue Calcite, deep shades of the color blue connect to the throat chakra allowing you to speak your truth. Blue Calcite is also a vision stone and can help you to make those choices of change.

Calcite can also come in a shade of magenta called cobalt. A burst of energy can be found in the Cobalto Calcite. This is a stone that soothes the racing mind and can reduce disaster thinking in its tracks. Love and wisdom don’t have to be heavy with Cobalto.

It is believed that you can clear out the blocks in your heart chakra with the shimmering shades of the Green Calcite stone. It’s a very active stone when it comes to physical health but can also encourage you to process life’s ups and downs with ease. Green Calcite can bring a renewed sense of purpose and vitality to anyone who desires to bring a positive life change. It is believed to also stimulate compassion.