How To Know if a Gemstone Is High-Quality

How To Know if a Gemstone Is High-Quality

Are you in the market for a gemstone, crystal, or natural stone? If you are purchasing anything expensive of the sort, you will want to be sure that the gemstone is high-quality. The reality these days is that there are so many fake stones out there due to the high price that gemstones can go for. Whenever you are purchasing a stone, it is best to purchase one that comes from a reputable retailer, such as Laterra Gems, so that you can be sure that it is authentic, quality, and fairly priced. Any time you go to purchase a gemstone, be sure to follow these quick and easy steps to ensure that the gemstone you are purchasing is high-quality.

Test Your Gemstone to Find Out if It Is Synthetic or Natural

Any time that something has value, you can be sure that there are people out there who will make replicas and attempt to pass them off as the real deal. That’s because to the untrained eye, a synthetic gemstone can pass for a natural one. Synthetic gemstones are commonly sold in retail stores as well because they are more affordable and they look just like the real thing. But when you are purchasing a gemstone that will be part of your home’s decor, jewelry, or as a piece of art, you always want to purchase a real gemstone. You can have your gemstones tested by a geologist or you can simply look inside them for black specs and imperfections that show the gemstone is real. A perfect stone is likely to be a fake because rarely does Mother Nature give us perfect creations— and if it is perfect, it would cost a fortune. So be wary.

Look For the Real Color of the Gemstone You Intend to Buy

These days, it is common for gemstones and crystals to be treated with a wide range of chemicals in order to bring out brighter, shinier, colors. This can also be a telltale sign of a synthetic or low-quality stone. Many illegitimate dealers will treat their low-quality stones so they can pass them off as being lustrous but be wary of these treated gemstones.

Research Your Seller to Make Sure They Are Credible

Before you exchange any money for a gemstone or crystal, be sure to do your research on the seller. You want to avoid purchasing from any suspicious person or from websites that have not been properly vetted. Your best bet for finding a high-quality gemstone is to visit a gemstone retailer who has a reputation for selling quality gemstones.

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