How To Use Chakra Stones

How to use Chakra Stones

You may be familiar with the seven charkas and may even know that you can use gemstones and crystals to help align the chakras and to bring balance to your body’s energies. We know that it may sound crazy, but there is something to it! You can use chakra stones to harness the energies of the earth to amplify your energies. It does work for manifesting positive outcomes into your life. Here’s how!

What Are the Seven Chakras?

There are seven chakras in the body:

Each of these chakras is responsible for the energies surrounding the needs and desires that people encounter throughout their lives. Each Chakra is associated with a different gemstone and healing crystal.

Different Ways To Use Chakra Stones

There are several different ways that you can use chakras, from cleansings and meditations to surrounding yourself with gemstone decor around your house. Here are a few different ways that you can try to use gemstones:

Balance Them by Placing Them on Your Body

If you are working with energies unexpectedly or if you never utilized gems, you should initially rehearse gem healing on yourself. The easiest way to use Chakra stones is to pick a couple of gemstones by instinct and attempt to do an essential contemplation with the stones put near the Chakras. You can rests and spot your chose stone on the location of the related Chakra and unwind. You can likewise put numerous precious stones on every one of the seven chakras. While growing, you can rehearse different breathing activities, and you can envision the energy coursing through your chakras, filling them with healing energies and adjusting them.

Cleanse Your Home Energy Using Them

Another standard method is to place precious stones in regions of your home, in spots where you need to clear or upgrade specific energies. The shapes that work best are different gem bunches and pyramids. Instead of pointed gems, the clusters project their energy every which way and cover a more prominent room space. It is gainful to put specific stones in regions of your home where you stay the most.

Build Shrines With Those Stones

The reason for building a raised area like a shrine can be with a specific aim, situated towards tackling a specific mental or actual issue, or you can assemble it only for general security and free from any negative energies.