The Oddest Place You Will Find Gemstones

The Oddest Place You Will Find Gemstones

If you’re a fan of collecting gemstones or keep a collection for their incredible healing benefits, then you have probably wondered where gemstones can be found in nature. That is to say, where are the rarest gemstones and healing crystals found? I had the same questions so I decided to look into where the rarest places where you will find gemstones would be. At last, here are the oddest places you will find some of the wonderful gemstones that we sell at LaTerra Gems. Some of the locations may surprise you.

Tanzanite Only Found in Tanzania

As the name suggests, Tanzanite is only found in one location on earth — Tanzania. Tanzanite, a small violet-colored mineral is only found in a very small mining area in Tanzania, Africa that spans a whopping 4 miles. Because of the scarcity of tanzanite, the mineral is incredibly prized. Tanzanite is associated with the throat, third eye, and crown chakras as well as with the zodiac signs Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius. This stunning gemstone is perfect for anyone looking for balance and composure in all aspects of life. The next time you see tanzanite, remember to slow down and find grounding in everything that you do.

Larimar Only Found in the Dominican Republic

Found only in a remote mountainous area in the Dominican Republic, Larimar is an incredibly rare gemstone that is absolutely stunning. The light blue color of Larimar is reminiscent of the Caribbean ocean near where the stone is found. Larimar is said to be a gemstone that is perfect for relieving stress and bringing a wave of clarity and enlightenment over individuals in its possession. Larimar is associate with healing properties that bring a state of mind that is as calm and deep as the seas that it is named after.

Although the gemstone is stunning, very rarely are pieces found that are jewelry-quality making this a very rare stone to find.

Shungite Found in Shunga, a Village in Russia

It isn’t often that you can say that a healing gemstone is out of this world, but Shungite truly is unique in that regard. This midnight-black gemstone is the only source of naturally occurring fullerenes on the planet. Fullerenes are carbon molecules that are found on meteors and that makes this gemstone an anomaly on earth. Where can you find Shungite? Most of the Shungite mined comes from a tiny village in Northwestern Russia called Shun’ga.

Rare Taaffeite Found in Sri Lanka

Taaffeite is a very rare gemstone that was discovered by accident. When it was first discovered, Taaffeite was commonly confused with a similar-looking gemstone, spinel. Of all of the gemstones that we have talked about, Taaffeite is by far the rarest and unique with very small quantities of known Taaffeite in circulation. Rare Taaffeite has been found in Sri Lanka off of the coast of India.