Top 5 Healing Gemstones of 2022

Top 5 Healing Gemstones of 2022

For years, people believed that crystals were nothing more than ornaments but recent studies have shown that they possess numerous health benefits which include improved blood circulation, enhanced immunity, reduced stress levels & even improved fertility. Here are the top five gemstones for 2022 which will be the next big thing in the world of healing!

1) Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine has already been a popular choice among healers as it is known to promote overall well-being. The gemstone helps people deal with stress & anxiety whereas its high vibrational energy acts as a protective shield that deflects all negative energy. It’s also a very popular choice among people who are just beginning their spiritual journey & helps them develop a positive outlook towards life.

2) Citrine

Citrine is a powerful stone that has the ability to attract wealth & abundance in life. It is widely used by healers for cleansing their healing space & even can be used to clear up ancient or old energy patterns within the body which are causing diseases like cancer, arthritis, etc. When worn on the body, Citrine holds the power to emit warmth & protects the wearer from infection.

3) Bloodstone

Bloodstones possess immense strength that allows them to fight off various diseases while boosting the immune system at the same time. They work great with chakras like Heart (4th), Root (1st) & Solar Plexus (3rd). This makes it easier for practitioners to dissolve these stones directly into water or before using it on a daily basis.

4) Quartz Crystals

Clear quartz crystals are used by healers for their ability to amplify both energies as well as thoughts within seconds. This is one of the main reasons why they are used in healing sessions for clients from across the globe. In addition, they can also be combined with a wide range of gemstones which makes them a popular choice among practitioners who want to experiment with various stones simultaneously.

5) Onyx

Stones have been known to help people achieve success & prosperity in life & many practitioners have stated that wearing black onyx increases your chances of being lucky since it acts as a magnet for all forms of good fortune including money, business opportunities, etc. The best thing about this stone is that you can wear it around your neck or even use it in jewelry such as pendants, rings & earrings.

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