What Gemstones Are Good For You?

Gemstones that are good for you

Gemstones have many different properties and uses, and not all of them are known. However, many gemstones have been used for centuries on end. They can be utilized in jewelry, but some people believe that they do more, and it is said that the gemstone you wear can affect your personality and even your health.

Properties and benefits of some common gemstones:


Amethyst is great for the mind. It’s believed to help you think more clearly, memory better and even increase your psychic abilities. It will also help balance out any mental illnesses that you might have by keeping you grounded.

Amethyst is good for balanced emotions as well. It can help with depression, anxiety, insomnia and stress.


Citrine has a positive influence on your business life or career path due to its sunny yellow color which symbolizes success, optimism, and confidence. Citrines are thought to be very effective in helping one’s self esteem too! Even just carrying one around is said to give self confidence.

Citrine is also known as a stone for attracting wealth and prosperity. It’s believed to help one grow spiritually and even physically. Citrine will help you feel more confident and positive, so much so that it can boost your immune system and fight off infection!


Diamonds are said to assist in many areas of your life including fame, health, money, relationships and even danger. People believe that diamonds give clarity to thoughts, ward off negative energies from outside forces as well as increase sexuality. Diamonds are thought to keep lasting love strong between lovers by drawing people together!


Having an emerald helps with mental focus which makes it great for studying or doing other tasks where concentration is needed. It’s also said to help relieve stress and anxiety.


Garnets are known to have a positive influence on your intuition, self confidence, will power, motivation and success. It’s believed that the garnet brings good fortune wherever it goes! Garnet has great healing powers too which is why it’s thought to be able to get rid of any diseases or infections in your body by stimulating blood flow throughout the entire circulatory system.


This stone is said to keep you grounded but at the same time can pull off any inhibitions you might have. Having jade in general promotes peace and harmony in relationships, whether it be love or friendship. Jade assists in treating disorders with organs like kidneys and stomach – it’s also known to heal cuts and wounds quickly.


This gemstone is great for intuition and promotes personal growth and emotional balance. Moonstones often remind people of their inner beauty and help you feel calm; even some cultures believe that having a moonstone in your sleep can bring all your dreams come true! This stone helps women through menopause symptoms like mood swings, hot flashes, anxiety, depression and fatigue symptoms. It will give you focus on what you need to do while keeping you positive!


Having an opal is said to be good fortune. They’re also thought to promote creativity – whether that be by writing or drawing or cooking -they’ll boost any creative thoughts and ideas! Opals can even be used for meditation since they give you clarity and insight.


Pearls are associated with clairvoyance, love, purity and inner peace. This stone is also said to help people recognize their faults by showing them any problems that need fixing in your life! Pearl will keep you calm and keep all negative thoughts away. People believe that having pearls around love ones can heal physical pain – whether it be headaches or stomach aches or even injuries!

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There are many other gemstones that can help you every day and throughout your life! If you want to know more about gemstones, keep visiting our blog or visit us at Laterra Gems and we’ll help you find the perfect one just for you! It’s time that these stones become a part of your life as much as they’re apart of ours.

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