5 Gemstones To Balance Your Chakras

5 Gemstones To Balance Your Chakras

Your body relies on the seven Chakras in order to become balanced, allowing energy to flow freely throughout. Sometimes, it can be helpful to use gemstones to balance your Chakras because of the natural energy that gemstones and crystals contain. If you’re looking for the best ways that you can balance each of your seven Chakras, try using each of these 5 gemstones from Laterra Gems to help you in your meditation practice to help balance your Chakras.


Amethyst is one of our favorite gemstones for its beautiful purple appearance. This gemstone is perfect for carrying around with you to help amplify your energies when bringing balance to your Chakras. The gemstone correlates to the zodiac sign Pisces and is thought to have many spiritual and healing properties.

Rose Quartz

When you’re looking to enhance the energies around love and relationships, turn to rose quartz. This beautiful pink gemstone is known for its relationship-strengthening properties which can make it the perfect gemstone for bringing balance to Anahata, the heart Chakra.


Another amazing gemstone for heart Chakra is Emerald. This mesmerizing gemstone is known for its dark green colors and its ability to activate the energies around the heart Chakra. By using Emerald in your meditations, you can regulate the energies in and around your heart Chakra. Emerald is known for properties of successful and abundant love, infinite patience and manifestation of wealth.


When you want to bring balance to the Solar Plexus Chakra, you want to turn to this beautiful fossilized tree resin known as Amber. This gemstone has been collected for many centuries due to its stunning orange glow and because of the spiritual properties that it possesses. It is thought that the yellow hues within amber activate the Solar Plexus Chakra. In Asian cultures, Amber means the soul of the tiger due to its very old origin that has the wisdom of the earth and its natural kingdom.


Jade is quickly becoming one of the most sought after gemstones around the world for its natural beauty and for its spiritual properties. Jade is the stone of love, power, and excellence has been used for centuries across Asia and is thought to enhance the lucidity of the wearer. You can use Jade for any of the chakras but it is commonly used in mediations when balancing Anahata.

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