5 Uses of Lepidolite

5 Uses of Lepidolite

5 Benefits of Lepidolite

As one of the major mica families, Lepidolite is a type of phyllosilicate mineral, just like its close relatives Muscovite and Biotite. As a member of the Lithium Mica group, Lepidolite is rich in lithium minerals that are associated with mental health wellness.

Lepidolite is known for being one of the best stones to have during times of stress because it allows you to calm down quickly after an emotional outburst or panic attack. It helps you see all areas of your life clearly so you can make better decisions about what really matters to you. While helping people get through difficult times, Lepidolite also protects against electromagnetic pollution from sources such as computers, microwaves, and cell phones.

1. Lepidolite for Sleep

Lepidolite is also a great stone to use for improving sleep. If you’re having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep throughout the night, keep a piece of Lepidolite under your pillow. The lithium in Lepidolite helps to calm and soothe the mind, allowing you to get the rest you need.

2. Lepidolite for Anxiety

Lithium is known as a natural mood stabilizer, and Lepidolite is rich in lithium minerals. For people who suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, or bipolar disorder, using Lepidolite can be very beneficial. The lithium in Lepidolite helps to regulate emotions and create a sense of calm during times of stress.

Lepidolite also releases stagnant energy and emotions, allowing you to relax and rejuvenate.

3. Lepidolite for Stress Relief

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by stress, Lepidolite can help calm your mind and body down. Try putting a piece of Lepidolite under your pillow at night before going to sleep. If you find it difficult to sleep with a rock under your head, we recommend placing the stone on the floor near your bed instead. Sleep on top of your Lepidolite rock, or wrap it in a silk cloth and place it under your pillowcase so that you still get all of its benefits without having to actually lay on the rock itself.

Work with this easy-to-locate, easy-to-use stone to relieve stress and get back to your life.

4. Lepidolite for Meditation

When using Lepidolite during meditation or spiritual work, imagine making a golden white light appear in front of you that holds all of the positive energy of the universe. While surrounding yourself with this golden-white light, allow it to flow through your entire body while connecting with your root chakra (the chakra about 1-2 inches below your feet). Imagine breathing in both calming and soothing energies while exhaling all pent-up emotions or anxiety.

Start by imagining the golden white light surrounding your toes, then slowly move up until you’re completely surrounded by the light. Continue doing this visualization until you feel completely cleansed and at peace.

5. Lepidolite for Pain Relief

Lepidolite is also known for being a natural pain reliever. Lepidolite contains aluminum, which relaxes muscles and eases tension that causes pain. Lepidolite can help ease the pain of arthritis, headaches, migraines, muscle strain, menstrual cramps, sciatica, tendonitis, and even the common cold.

Here are 5 Ways to Start Using Lepidolite:

  1. Meditating with Lepidolite can help you connect with your spiritual side and receive guidance from the higher powers.
  2. Carrying a piece of Lepidolite with you will help keep you calm and collected in tense or uncertain situations.
  3. Place a cluster of Lepidolite in your home or office to create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.
  4. Use Lepidolite as a Feng Shui cure for the area of your life that corresponds to mental stress or anxiety.
  5. Carry a small tumbled stone of Lepidolite with you when you need an extra boost of confidence.