Best Crystals For Kids

Best Crystals for Kids

Adults aren’t the only ones who can benefit from the healing properties of crystals. Children often have a natural draw to crystals due to their fascinating colors and natural aura. But what crystal would be best for your child? With so many options to choose from we’re going to try and narrow down our selection and present a few examples that will hopefully have the greatest positive impact possible. Here are the best crystals for kids from Laterra Gems.


Amethyst works as an excellent introduction for your children given its calming nature and ability to inspire a greater sense of self confidence in its wearers. Amethyst is certainly one of the most recognizable of the gemstones and its beautiful purplish hues have long captivated people. This gemstone serves as a great baseline to start with for anyone looking to begin using crystals but children in particular can utilize the calming effects of amethyst to get some much needed relaxation.

Rose Quartz

Next on the list would be rose quartz as it tends to make individuals feel more expressive of their feelings and emotions which for a child is something that can be hugely beneficial. We all strive to be more in tune with our own feelings and emotions and rose quartz might be the slight push forward that helps your child be emotionally intelligent and expressive of their feelings early on.


Citrine’s association with creativity is what makes it the next selection on this list. Being able to hold on to that childlike sense of wonder and the freedom that comes with such an open mind is something we’ve all certainly wished for at one point or another. Citrine has long been utilized to bring about a general feeling of happiness which can be very grounding for your child helping to provide them with a solid foundation for easy access to positivity later on in life.

Clear Quartz

The final stone that is one of the best crystals for kids is a simple classic; clear quartz. The healing properties associated with this stone can help your child on an emotional level as it has been associated with feelings of clarity and understanding. This emotional clarity and general healing energy can help your child to cope with stressful moments and hopefully avoid any unnecessary ailments.

While there are plenty of other options available these few stones are a good place to start. LaTerra Gems provides a wide selection of crystals and gemstones for you to choose from and eventually the final choice comes down to your own opinion. Odds are you know your child best and what energy they need the most in their life so take a look at your options and help start your child on a path to well being.