Gemstone Decor for Thanksgiving

Gemstone Decor for Thanksgiving

Blessings of Thanksgiving and blessings to all! As we approach the beautiful holiday of Thanksgiving, we want to share something else beautiful – gemstones. Here are some wonderful, natural stone Thanksgiving Decorations.

Who doesn’t love gemstones? The stunning colors, the brilliant sparkle… And they’re perfect for decorating your Thanksgiving table this year!


Turquoise is a symbol of friendship and harmony. It brings good fortune to the home. Display turquoise at different places on your dining table or use it as name-cards. Also works well to adorn the centerpieces.


Pyrite (also known as Fool’s Gold), similar to Turquoise, is also an easy-to-find favorite during the months leading up to Thanksgiving. Between its gold color and glittering appearance, it’s for fall décor projects throughout the month.


This black gemstone is associated with protection and can provide extra security throughout the holiday season. It’s also believed that Onyx brings success, luck, and helps achieve goals by giving you courage and strength. It’s time to get out of your shell!


Citrine is known for its sunny disposition and energy. Put it in a pretty bowl on your Thanksgiving table or hang it up where the sun’s rays will splash against its golden walls. Intriguingly enough, Citrine was named after “citron,” another name for lemon, which can be used when seasoning your turkey this Thanksgiving. A natural sunshine stone indeed!


Also known as ‘bloodstone,’ Hematite can be used to absorb negative energy, while at the same time providing strength, courage, and good fortune. With its grounding properties, Hematite is also believed to stimulate concentration and provide peace of mind.


Known as mystical stones that are carved into charms or talismans in order to harness the power of the moon. These are perfect Thanksgiving decor items with their sparkly nature and various colors which always remind us of the beauty and mystery we can find in nature.


This is a gemstone that protects the home from negative energy and brings good dreams! It’s believed that Labradorite has lunar energies which affect our subconscious and bring out hidden emotions, fears, and desires. A stone of transformation if there ever was one!


Usually found as small stones with yellow-green color, it’s said to possess qualities such as “chance” or “luck” seen as positive at times but misfortune or ill health at other times depending on how the stone is used. Nevertheless, this Thanksgiving season always brings out happiness, cheerfulness, warmth, togetherness, family gatherings…and maybe even love!

Gemstones for Thanksgiving!

Happiness, prosperity, love, and thankfulness are what Thanksgiving is all about! Therefore decorating your table with these beautiful stones will bring everyone some extra Thanksgiving cheer. Hope you have a wonderful, joyous holiday! Happy Thanksgiving to all!