How To Use Amber Healing Crystals

How To Use Amber Healing Crystals

Have you come across the stunning, bright oranges, browns, and yellows of Amber healing crystals? Amber is unlike any other gemstone and its unique properties make it a wonderful healing crystal to be used in meditation or even simply as jewelry and home decor. At LaTerra Gems in Las Vegas, we absolutely love amber for its incredible colors and unique characteristics. If you’ve come across this wondrous stone and have been wanting to learn how to use amber healing crystals in your life, then read on.

What Is Amber?

Unlike other healing crystals and gemstones, amber is not quite a stone or a mineral. In fact, amber is much more unique than anything else you will likely find in a gemstone store. Amber is the fossilized remnants of tree resin which is where it gets its bright orange, brown, and yellow tones from. Despite being tree resin, amber is petrified solid which makes it a great setting for any gemstone decor and jewelry.

Amber Healing Crystal Associations

When it comes to this wonderful healing stone, amber is associated with the element fire and all things associated with fire signs, especially Leo and Aquarius. The chakras that amber is associated with are the Sacral Chaka, the Solar Plexus Chakra, and the Solar Plexus Chakra. Additionally, amber healing crystals are associated with the sun which makes it a powerful healing crystal to use when you need to manifest intense energies.

Healing With Amber

When used in meditations and in healing ceremonies, amber is thought to be a powerful healer and cleanser. Amber is thought to help cleanse negative energies that stifle creativity, confidence, and self-expression. In fact, amber is thought to amplify positive energies that encourage wisdom, clarity, spontaneity, and self-confidence. The belief that amber is a powerful healer and cleanser comes from the associations with the Sun and fire signs in astrology.

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