The Three Gemstones of June

The Three Gemstones of June

You know what’s rare and beautiful? June’s birthstones. They’re all gorgeous and only the most discerning of jewelry collectors would have discovered them until just recently. So, without further ado, here are the three truly stunning gems that represent June!


Pearl is a gemstone that is created by living creatures. It is the only gemstone that is created by an animal, and it’s also the only gemstone that can be found inside of an animal. Pearls are formed when oysters are exposed to irritants such as small pieces of sand or parasites. These irritants cause the oyster to respond by producing nacre, which creates a pearl. The beautiful color of pearls comes from their nacre coating and slight iridescence (which results from light reflecting off of individual layers).

Because pearls are so rare, they’ve been used as status symbols for centuries—think Queen Elizabeth I’s love for them!


  • It’s a very rare gemstone.
  • It’s a chameleon gemstone, meaning it can change colors depending on the light.
  • It’s hard (7-8 on the Mohs scale), which is why Alexandrite jewelry tends to be more expensive than other gems of similar rarity and color.
  • The stone comes in many colors, including red/pink, green, blue-green and deep blue; there are also a number of different shades within these colors that may appear even across a single piece of jewelry (for example, an Alexandrite ring). In fact, the name “Alexandrite” stems from Alexander the Great who was known for his love of this kind of gemstone—and so many people still associate him with its name today!


Moonstone is a gemstone that can be found in many different colors. It’s also known as “adularescence” because of its ability to make a rainbow-like play of color on its surface when moved around in light. Moonstones are translucent to transparent and have an airy, ethereal appearance when cut properly.

Due to the way it plays with light and color, moonstone has been associated with the moon since ancient times. Although all types of feldspar will glow like moonstone if they’re translucent or transparent enough, only the finest specimens show this adularescence effect—which means it’s not easy to find high quality stones for jewelry making!

Moonstones are a natural stone so there may be differences between individual pieces even within one batch or lot. You’ll want your stone to have good clarity so you can see all those beautiful colors; they should also have good luster (or shine) without seeming too flat or dull looking overall as well!

June’s gems are rare and beautiful

June’s gems are rare and beautiful.

  • Pearl: These pearls are incredibly rare, but they’re stunning when it comes to their luster and color. They come in different shades of white, from the palest of whites to creamy beige hues that have a lovely sheen.
  • Alexandrite: This is one of those stones that can only be found in specific locations in the world—namely Baltic countries and Sri Lanka. Its color ranges from green to red depending on its environment, which makes it all the more special!
  • Moonstone: This stone’s name comes from its slight iridescence; when light passes over it at certain angles, you’ll notice that there seems to be an aura around your gemstone (which may or may not resemble a full moon). They’re made up of calcium-rich minerals like feldspar and orthoclase feldspar, which give them this mystical quality by reflecting light off their surfaces without absorbing much of it into themselves

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It turns out that there are a lot of options for June birthstone jewelry, whether you’re looking to buy it as a gift or treat yourself. If you like pearls, there’s no better month to celebrate your birthday! Moonstones and Alexandrite are also amazing options if they fit your personality more (or if pearls just aren’t your thing). With any of these gems, the right jewelry can make a beautiful addition to your wardrobe. No matter what kind of stone you choose, we wish you all the best on the next chapter of life and beyond!