5 Gemstones To Use For Positive Vibes

5 Gemstones To Use For Positive Vibes

Everyone is talking about positive vibes these days, but can you use gemstones to bring those positive vibes to your life?

Maybe you have struggled with mental health issues or feel as though you are lacking in life and need a little help getting back on track. Whatever your reason is, there is a way for you to harness the power of certain gemstones. Many people have heard of gemstones as a way to improve health and reduce anxiety, but not many know about the positive vibes that they can provide. Here are 5 gemstones that you can use for positive vibes:

Citrine – Positive Vibes From Clarity and Power

Citrine brings clarity, power, and frequency when it comes to energy. It’s a great gemstone for releasing emotions that are blocking your happiness and success in life. The energies of Citrine can also help balance emotions. Everyone needs a little positive vibes from time to time and this stone will do just the trick!

Amethyst – Positive Vibes From Peace

Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz. The color is due to the presence of iron in its composition. Amethyst occurs as a solution mineral, often in geological formations with other crystals such as mica or quartz.

The purple color of Amethyst will remind you of royalty and spirituality. It can also calm energies, letting the wearer live more peacefully and enhance their spiritual connection when worn during meditation. Amethyst is a master healer and considered one of the premier crystals for purification. It can deepen positive affirmations and promote positive thoughts and feelings. Amethyst also assists in increasing self-control while diminishing addictions.

It also acts as an emotional stabilizer when worn or carried close to the body during stressful situations. Amethyst helps reduce anxiety and has great spiritual benefits in healing the mind, body, emotions and spirit. It helps with insomnia, promotes positive dreams, and helps with depression by regulating moods and emotions. This is definitely a gemstone that will bring positive vibes!

Rose Quartz – Positive Vibes Through Love

Rose Quartz is one of the most well-known and sought-after gemstones in the world. It has a warm, pinkish hue and comes in many different sizes. As a symbol of love for centuries, and if used properly, helps people feel more empowered and optimistic about the future.

Rose Quartz helps people reconnect with their feelings of love, and can be used by someone who is struggling with a breakup or other form of heartbreak. It also helps those in relationships feel more confident about the future. For this reason, we like to call it “The Love Stone.”

The gemstone also works wonders on self esteem. Wear rose quartz to encourage those positive vibes that will boost your confidence and make you feel better about yourself!

Blue Topaz – Time to Heal

The Blue Topaz gemstone has amazing colors that exude positivity and bring this gemstone to life. The color and other properties depend on the size and shape of the crystals, and extraneous charges that are present in the stone. In general, Topaz may vary from light blue to deep bluish-green or dark brownish-blue.

With its sweet colors, Blue Topaz is soothing and will recharge spent energy to bring about healing by redirecting energies to where your body needs it. You can attract good vibes with this gemstone simply by wearing it or having it close by. For these reasons, we’ve decided to add it to this list.

Aquamarine – Bring The Energy

Aquamarine is a gemstone that is most common in jewelry and other accessories. It has the power to ward off negative vibes and bring enlightenment and positivity into someone’s life.

Aquamarine also has a strong connection to the sea. When you wear this gemstone, it will help bring the positive energy and calmness of the ocean into your life. This is why Aquamarine is popular because, well who doesn’t love the ocean?

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Use gemstones if you are looking for a boost in positivity and overall well being. The Citrine, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Blue Topaz and Aquamarine gemstones all have unique properties that can help bring positive vibes. Each gemstone has positive qualities that can help enhance your spiritual connection when worn during meditation.

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